Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Humble Indie Bundle 3

There's nothing better than mixing your passions, your hobbies with charity. And so I would like to promote the Humble Indie Bundle. This is one of the best charities for a gamer out there. You set the amount of money you want to donate and you get 6 free games. That's right, SIX. It's a steal. So much so it's almost ridiculous how many games you get for the price you want. Over 220,000 bundles have already been sold and over $1 Million has been raised. Let's try to raise it even higher!

The Humble Indie Bundle also allows for people to designate where they want their money to go. In this bundle you can separate your money into four locations:

- Developers of the games
- Electronic Frontier Foundation
- Child's Play
- Humble Tip

Donating to Humble Tip means your money goes to the people who run the site, supporting bandwidth and the future for more bundles.

Better yet, the games are all cross-platform and run on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Getting even better, they're all DRM free which means you can install them as many times that you want and you can even get them on Steam.

There's really no reason to not donate. You can donate $1 or you can donate $50, it doesn't matter as it will all help in the long run. But of course I recommend something more than $1. I myself will only be able to donate $10 due to a tight summer budget.

Please donate soon! There's only 6 more days until this bundle will disappear until the next one!

You can find more information and donate here:


-Jared C.

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