Saturday, November 5, 2011

Update: Introducing the "Weekly Review"

Well Symposium For Geek, as you may have noticed I’ve fallen behind in writing individual articles for Guilty Crown, Last Exile, and Chihayafuru. If you’re wondering about Chihayafuru and how there aren’t any articles yet, well, that’s because I never got to them! The main reason for this is because my semester in college tends to fluctuate from being very busy to not very busy every other week. Recently I’ve been writing papers for class, and while I don’t mind writing them, they take away the time I would have to write for Symposium For Geek. And so instead of writing an individual article for the anime I’ve been watching recently, I am planning on writing a weekly post titled “Weekly Review”. It will be fun and it will help me to keep the blog up to date. Right now I plan on writing on the aforementioned titles. Please, if you have any comments post them! Thank you!

-Jared C.

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