Monday, January 2, 2012

The Weekly Review: 12/26/11

Due to the Holiday season in Japan, the broadcasts for this week’s episodes of Chihayafuru and Guilty Crown are taking a break. I suggest we do the same and relax! Although Last Exile did have an episode premier so I will be writing on it. Enjoy, and have a Happy New Year!

Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing Ep. 10: Illegal Move

Just as Fam finishes collecting fifteen ships for the new Turan government and for Tatiana, the situation is immediately turned around. Millia’s sister Princess Lilliana shows up and she literally takes the ships for herself and the entire new fleet of soldiers (wherever they came from). With Lilliana taking over the new Turan fleet and casting Millia to the side, it’s pretty clear that the tides have turned. Nothing really good happens in the episode as the Silvius is brought down, Lilliana is brainwashed, and Millia has lost everything yet again.

There was a great fight sequence between Dio and the rarely mentioned Alauda. It looks like no one died between the two, but Guild members took out a bunch of the Silvius’ crew. Like I said, this doesn’t look to good for Last Exile Fam’s characters or situations.

It was nice to see a famous character from the original Last Exile series return. Although I’m not sure what Alvis’ role will be in the anime series, it seems like Dio made it clear that she will be called upon to utilize her Exile to help Turan. You know, the first nine episodes of Last Exile Fam have had their ups and downs but I’m starting to get into this series more. It’s not as good as the original Last Exile but it seems to be pulling together okay. There’s so much space over the next 15 or so episodes for the series to evolve further and really hone in on a great story. Fam’s ridiculous mindset still needs to be addressed as her simple attitude is annoying and distracts from any seriousness the series may attempt.

But as I mentioned, Japan is taking a week off with the other series and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

-Jared C.

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