Saturday, February 4, 2012

An Update.

So I haven’t posted a Weekly Review write up in a bit over a month, and for this I must apologize. When new episodes in Japan decided to take a break around Christmas time I decided to take one too. Only thing is I forgot to come back! I have also been caught up in a number of life-changing events that take precedent over writing for the blog, mainly including my move to New York and an internship with MTV Networks.

But don’t fear! I intend to still write for Symposium For Geek, but content may become scarce at times. I have some stuff in the works though, so there will be content coming. This includes my impressions, or rather reviews, of Super Mario 3D Land, Skyward Sword, and Dragon Quest IX. I also intend to keep up in some shape or form with the Weekly Review writing for Chihayafuru, Guilty Crown, and Last Exile Fam. To be honest, I was thinking of dropping Guilty Crown and Last Exile Fam from the lineup but we shall see.

Expect to see more articles related to anime, video game, and geek culture in New York City. I have already written articles for Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos and The Secret World of Arrietty as they were both screened in NYC. Just today I purchased tickets to see Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below and A Letter to Momo in March as a part of the New York International Children’s Film Festival. I have visited some excellent stores that cater to anime, manga, and video games and I plan on traveling back to take some photos and share them with you. These locations include the Nintendo World Store, Video Games New York, and Book Off.

Please bear with me as I partake in my internship in New York City and spend the majority of my days between work at the internship and travelling to and from. At least I get to play the 3DS on the train and subway each day! I will certainly continue to write for Symposium For Geek, and I apologize about the sporadic posting! See you soon!

-Jared Cyhowski

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